UT files reply brief in appeal of venue transfer order violating state sovereignty

October 09, 2018
The University of Texas System ("UT") filed its reply brief in its appeal to the Federal Circuit seeking to overturn a district court order transferring its patent infringement suit from Texas to Delaware based on the patent venue statute. "Simply put, the Original Jurisdiction Clause, and the weighty evidence in the Judiciary Act of 1789, embody a state's absolute right, as a sovereign, to choose the forum with requisite jurisdiction in which to enforce its property rights. . . . It offends the dignity of a state to force it to venture outside of its borders to seek redress for harm that occurs within its borders." The appeal has important implications on state sovereignty and IP investment. Shore Chan partners Michael Shore, Alfonso Chan, Sam Joyner, and Chiji Offor are handling UT's appeal. 
Click here for a link to UT’s reply brief