Practice Areas


We believe that litigation and its resolution should always be designed to help our clients achieve their goals. Unfortunately, complex litigation can be a war of attrition. Large cases with high stakes are often accompanied by large volumes of documents. Our attorneys and legal professionals are accustomed to handling cases on this scale. By employing the latest technology and database management techniques, we are able to sift through mountains of discovery and distill the key facts and documents that are critical to the case. Because of our size, we place a premium on efficiency.

In addition to our vast experience in intellectual property litigation, the lawyers at the Shore Firm have a wide variety of experience in commercial litigation matters, including: securities, tax shelters, hedge fund, antitrust, bondholder litigation, commercial mortgage-backed securities, labor and employment, employee benefits, contract disputes, real estate, utilities, health care, and constitutional law.

Winning a patent or commercial litigation trial requires a unique ability to make a complicated subject matter accessible to the decision maker. The lawyers of the Shore Firm are experienced in using state-of-the-art courtroom technology to present complex technical matters in a manner that is understandable to both judges and juries.